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Tom Tremblay is a national leader in the development and delivery of Trauma Informed Sexual Assault Investigations Training.  Tom assisted the International Association of Chiefs of Police with the development of a national curriculum for Trauma Informed Response to Sexual Assault.  He also assisted the National Center for Campus Public Safety with the 2014 White House Task Force recommendation to develop a new curriculum for Trauma Informed Sexual Assault Investigations specific for Colleges and Universities across the country.

Click the video link below to learn more about Tom's Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigations Training.  Special thanks to MotoVike films and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations.



Presenter: Chief Tom Tremblay (Ret)


Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigations Training Overview

This training has been developed for police, prosecutors, advocates, higher education, the military, and the government / private sector and it can be modified to meet your needs.



Sexual assault is one of the most complex crimes in our society and the activism and outrage about sexual assault has never been higher. The complexities of these crimes require us to think broadly and comprehensively including examining the myths and biases and the new “trauma-informed approach” training, including the neurobiology of trauma, for all multi- disciplinary partners responsible for the response to sexual assault / misconduct cases. The effects of trauma are often misinterpreted so justice in sexual assault response begins with an understanding of the devastating impacts of sexual violence trauma on victims and survivors. By understanding trauma, all those who work with victims can contribute to their immediate and long- term recovery and lay the foundation for mutual cooperation and respect on which a successful response, investigation, and prosecution / adjudication is built.



To ensure that individuals providing service to sexual assault victims / survivors recognize and understand victim trauma and utilize effective approaches and interview skills to enhance response, investigations, and prosecutions / adjudications.




Day 1 Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine sexual assault myths, rape culture, personal and societal biases regarding sexual assault, and the potential impact on victims, offenders, and justice.
  2. Define victim trauma in the context of sexual assault and other crimes involving interpersonal violence.
  3. Recognize the “trauma-informed approach” is grounded in the responsiveness and understanding of the impact of victim trauma, emphasizing physical, psychological, and emotional safety for victims / survivors, and providers.
  4. Explore the “neurobiology of trauma” – how the brain and body function in response to fear / trauma and the impact on memory and recall (fragmented memory).
  5. Identify successful first response and communication strategies to minimize victim trauma and promote victim empowerment, in an effort to assist the victim in overcoming potential fear and reluctance to engage in the reporting / investigative process.

Day 2 Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop trauma-informed victim interview skills to help capture compelling evidence of the victim’s experience including the exploration of sensory details and considering the psychophysiological evidence of trauma. 
  2. Examine common criminal sexual offender behaviors and course of conduct and develop offender focused investigative strategies.



Please see document below for additional information and course agenda:


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